Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

At the time of writing it has been 6 days since I’ve had a hysterectomy and my bladder was lifted into proper position. I have been looking on the web for information and it has all been splintered everywhere. In forums, medical web sites, women’s magazines etc. So, whilst I am recovering from my surgery I came up with the idea of sharing my story and experiences so far.

I hope that I can take away some of the uncertainties and fear of it all and I will try to fill my blog with the day-to-day recovery until I am back to “normal” again or maybe beyond.

English is not my first language so you might find a few mistakes. Feel free to correct me and certainly feel free to comment and ask questions.

It is very important to know that I am writing from my point of view. We are all individuals and we have different experiences, opinions and feelings. I would appreciate it very much if you refrain yourself from hurtful comments, not only towards me, certainly towards others!

Anyway, I sincerely hope that this will be a useful blog for anyone concerned!

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About me

My name is Marijke

Happily married for nearly 30 years now we have been living abroad since 1998. We have three lovely boys, 2 still at home.

I love good nutrition, Paleo based most of the time and gardening, tennis, reading, watching good movies and talking.

Years ago a friend had a hysterectomy and I thought about that as a typical procedure for older aged women and thought it was quite a dramatic procedure. Never would I have imagined that I needed to undergo this particular surgery many years later. But, hey,I had to.

And, it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be. So, here is my story so far….


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