Day of the Surgery

I was taken to my room at the end of the hall way where I was given a bed, a closet and  of course the lovely and unevitable surgery dress with a sexy one-way panty hose with pad. The nurse asked me if I had shaven my parts, which I hadn’t thought of. So she did it instead, quick and painless. I had been given a pill to relax, which worked quickly:) and before I knew it I was taken to the operating theatre.


Once there I was rolled on a large metal table which acted as a kind of slide to get me on the operating table. Probably some kind of hygiene barrier. Then I was taken into the pre-operating room. On my body the medical staff put on the ECG sticky pads, the blood pressure arm band and a needle in my left hand for the fluids to be adhered with antibiotics, pain killers, electrolytes etc. As I was waiting there I started chatting with a nurse practitioner about what was going to happen next and she was happy to do that. Meanwhile I got my pre-dose of antibiotics and was listening to the sound of my heartbeat on the screen right to my head.

The Water Problem

Then I told the anaesthetic doctor I had drunk two large mugs of warm water that morning. To be honest she was quite irritated about that. But a colleague of her had told me to drink as that would help my circulation. She had seen quite a few – noticeable elderly –  people getting into trouble during surgery because they were dehydrated. She had also told me that drinking water before helped to dilute the stomach fluids, which, for what ever reason they got into the lungs could prevent damage . Well anyway, I had done it and told the lady that I had only been doing that of which I had been advised to do.


The nurse practitioner was asked to put the mask near my mouth so I could get a taste of the first dosage of anaesthetics. Finally the head of the anaesthetic team came in, asked me how old I was and if I had any allergies, and after I stated my age and that I wasn’t allergic,  it was time to get things done all of a sudden. The mask was put on my face and the next thing I remember was waking up with much pain. The surgery had taken about 2 hours, so until about 12 pm, but because I wasn’t a happy chappy,  I had to stay in the recovery room until about 4 pm. I had been given lots of pain killers (or so I like to think) and it was all very endurable. Thank goodness!

I blissfully slept the rest of the day and most of the night. Day one accomplished!

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