The day after


As I had been sleeping most of the day I’d missed a few visitors who came around to see how I was doing. During the night, however, I woke up regularly. A shame really that no one wants to come and visit.

Fortunately I wasn’t in any pain anymore and I still received a steady intravenous infusion. All in all I probable received two or three bags with these healthy fluids. My mouth was terribly dry, however, and I had dry crusty lips. Of course my lip balm was nowhere to be seen.

The first check-ups

In the morning the nurses came in to check on my blood pressure and temperature. My blood pressure was awfully low, something around 88/45. They warned me not to get up by myself. I must say, however, that my BP has always been reasonably low, so this wasn’t too much of a surprise to me. On my right side a tube was coming out from under the blankets: the catheter which took care of my urine. My bladder was to have a short 48 hr vacation from all the excitement. This didn’t hurt at all, only sitting up was a bit uncomfortable. It felt like having a slight bladder infection, nothing more. The suggestion was given to sit on one site of my bottom, but that was not very relaxing. Thereafter the first blood sample was taken of which another  would follow later that week. As the bag with urine had filled itself steadily it was time to get it emtied. The nurse told me that it was around 625 ml which was ok. I would produce more after I started drinking more.

Paleo Anyone?

I had my first breakfast with my then room-mate who was to go home that day. I arranged to get her spot in the room as at that moment I was looking at two doors: the exit/entrance to the room and the toilet door. Nothing really exciting. The breakfast was okay. My question to myself was if I would eat paleo that week. But I wasn’t strong enough and succumbed to a German breakfast role and some dark bread. Mind you, I do not have a gluten allergy, I just feel generally better without the grains, and I must admit that after breakfast I felt rather full..After that I had to walk around a bit. This meant slowly getting up, put my feet on the ground en turn a circle and then quickly going back into my bed again. Sounds exciting eh?

Around 12 pm we received the hot meal of the day which was a hamburger, boiled potatoes, kohlrabi and a banana for desert. My room-mate then organised herself and got ready to leave. As soon as she had gone with her family her side of the room was cleaned and disinfected and I got my lovely window which made all the difference.

Lovely Kohlrabi

Lazy Afternoon

The rest of the day was spent sleeping, reading, getting out of bed to get to my homoeopathic remedies, which I should have taken earlier, but better late than never… It was quite uneventful to be honest. I was very glad that I wasn’t in any pain. Until I got my coffee later that afternoon of which  I only drank a few sips. It was disgustingly weak and gave me a bloating feeling quite soon afterwards. What a disappointment!

Wakeful Night

Trying to get to sleep that evening was therefore a  very different story. The bloating was very irritating and I was quite angry at myself for having drunk that ghastly “coffee”. I told the visiting nurse about my bloating challenge and she provided me with chewing tabs to help me with the gas in my belly. Those helped reasonably well. The valerian tablets to help me relax, however, didn’t do a thing and when I was still awake at 11.15 pm I called again and got a sleeping tablet. Two hours later I was still awake with my head full of activity. Of course at home I am the head organiser, so that’s what I continued to do that night… No, you can’t say I had a restorative night rest.

But, as things tend to do, they pass, and so the second night in the hospital was over by next morning when the nurse came in with her ear thermometer to “wake” me up.

By then it was already Wednesday.

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