Mid Week Musings

Early Morning Relief

after the normal morning examinations one of the assistant doctors visited me and told me she would remove the catheter. Yaahhh! First the bag was emptied (which contained about a liter of urine), then the small tube which had been inserted in my urethra, was gently pulled out. To be honest, that didn’t hurt at all. Also the needle in my left hand was finally taken out as well. This could be have been done earlier, because they have to leave the needle in as long as you’re not able to drink or eat by yourself. As you might remember I had had food and pills the day before…


Now I could walk a bit further than just around my bed and of course I had to go to the toilet by myself again, now that my helpful little catheter didn’t do that for me anymore. The first time could burn a bit, but fortunately that didn’t happen. To get things out from the other end, however, was a bit of a challenge. But I was hoping that it would come quickly now that I had been eating again and could walk. Of course it didn’t.

New Companion

as it is in hospitals,  you are hardly by yourself, which if you feel okay isn’t a bad thing. At around 8 am, after having spent a day “alone”, a new lady was appointed my former place in the hospital room. She was a lively chattering woman who was very nervous apparently and therefore very talkative. At first I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t have any peace left, but it was nice to have someone to talk and to share again. And of course it takes away the boredom!

As she had had a hysterectomy some 3 years ago she strongly advised me to really take it easy once at home. I know now that I should (hence blogging). She was due for surgery somewhere at the end of the morning, but unfortunately  a few urgent cases came in and she had to wait until 5.15 pm. I felt really sorry for her. Her, as she called it, “I don’t give a sh..t” pill, which she had taken around 1 pm, had already stopped working. And she got more and more nervous as time went by. Her biggest problem was that she was concerned the doctors were getting less focussed by the end of the afternoon and that she was more at risk. Something I actually never thought of.

Doctor’s visit

In the mean time I got a visit from a friend (who also is my neighbour and an anaesthesist in the same hospital.  Around the same time my own doctor who had been there to perform my surgery also paid me a visit. She was very pleased with the outcome of it all. There had been no complications or major blood loss. She was wondering, however, that I didn’t need any painkillers and I could certainly have them if I wanted. ” You have only gone through surgery two days ago”. Well, I was happy to say I didn’t need them.

As I had found out in the mean time, walking wasn’t a breeze. I took a small stroll up and down the hall way, but it was very uncomfortable. I had this pull in my lower back and that was a really tiresome feeling. As I hadn’t been able to pass stool up to that moment I thought that must be the reason for the pain. As it turned out, however, it was the new attachment from my bladder to my sitting bone. The pain could take a few days up to a few weeks. Nice…

Room-mate’s Surgery

Finally my companion was taken to the  theatre at 5.15 pm. That had been a very long wait for her. In the meantime I received my evening meal ( a few sandwiches etc.) and had a bit of a rest. Before I knew it, she was back in the room, awake, but silently muttering. It would turn out to be a bit of a restless night, but I wasn’t to bothered about that. I tried to help her a bit as far as I could. She didn’t want to disturb the nurses. Bless her.

And gone was Wednesday!


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