The Breakfast Buffet

It is incredible how quickly a week passes by, especially when you feel more active. My neighbour had to stay in bed of course, although she had been able to go to the toilet a couple of times. I, however, was told that I would not receive my breakfast in bed anymore and had to go to the buffet room. Well, okay then. I said goodbye to my room-mate and walked to the breakfast room.

Walking down the corridor was already less painful than the day before, which was a huge relief of course. On my way there I asked a nurse about my kidney scan, that had been due somewhere the previous day, and if could make an appointment. That wasn’t possible unfortunately and I just had to wait until there was nothing else going on.

In the breakfast room, which originally had been the baby room, were around 5 people having their breakfast and they gave me a friendly welcome. As it was my first time here I had to find out what was on offer.There was a nice variety of things and so I went ahead and filled my plate. As I was the last of the breakfast people I was soon by myself. A few moments later, however, a tennis friend, who happens to work in the hospital, came to pay me a welcoming visit! That was really lovely to say the least.

Then it was time to leave, but walking back to my room was more of a pain unfortunately and I was happy to be in bed once more.

Back in the room my room companion and I started chatting, and chatting, and chatting… We had a great time and lots of fun. Our hot meal with pork, red cabbage and potatoes was nice and we felt content.


I had been given a fluid to help me pass stool, but it took quite a while to do a thing. I had to go a couple of times finally, but it wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I just had to be a bit more patient.

Another Unexpected Visitor

A knock on the door, and in stepped my friend and student to pay me a visit. It turned out that she and my room-mate also knew each other – it’s a small world after all – and so we had a nice time together. She’d bought a nice card and a magazine for which I was really grateful! She stayed for half and hour or so and as she had to pick up her son she left quite soon.

Evening meal

In the evening we went to the breakfast room together and had a nice chat with another lady. Gosh, did we feel sorry for her as she was in a room with a “non-talker”. And when the three of us walked back, it was around 6 pm, her room-mate had already switched of the light and it was all dark in their room… We have been so lucky!

We chatted the rest of the evening and then tried to get to sleep by elevenish.


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